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Fontbonne University is a Catholic coeducational institution of higher education offering liberal arts and professional programs. About 2,000 students annually benefit from the university’s high-quality academic programs offered in a values-based, student-centered environment. Founded in 1923 and still sponsored today by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Fontbonne is located in a beautiful suburb in the heart of the St. Louis metropolitan area. The university embraces diversity and inclusion, and encourages open communication and personal concern.

Fontbonne’s programs, faculty and campus attract students from across the U.S. and many other countries.Forty-five majors, 34 minors and 19 graduate programs span a wide range of offerings, from deaf education and dietetics to performing arts, education and fashion merchandising. The university also boasts the Eckelkamp College of Global Business and Professional Studies, comprising more than a dozen undergraduate and graduate degree programs, many in the evening/online formats specifically designed in a convenient, accelerated model for busy adults.

Fontbonne faculty members are heavily focused on teaching, and they’re committed to reaching each and every student. Professors devote their time to creating and delivering a curriculum that best serves their students, and an excellent student-faculty ratio creates ideal opportunities for discussion and personal attention. Faculty must meet high academic criteria — 74 percent of full-time faculty members hold the highest degree in their field.

Outside the classroom, experiential learning opportunities, which could include an internship, practicum or student teaching, are incorporated into most academic programs, helping graduates move successfully into their chosen careers.

Learning the importance of existing in a global community is also an important part of the Fontbonne experience. Students have many opportunities to get involved in local community projects, as well as annual service trips to other states and countries.

At Fontbonne University, students not only learn more ... they can be more.


Fontbonne University ensure that its employees are taken care of and are covered with the unique benefits that they require.

Benefits that Fontbonne provides include:

  • Flexible and Affordable Payment Options
  • Accreditation
  • Alumni Network
  • Student Resources
  • Prior Learning Assessments
  • Facilities

For a more in-depth description on benefits offered, please visit our web page:



You can't put a price on quality of life at college, but a rich learning environment is another reason that Fontbonne is a great value. Here you will find a close-knit community and plenty to do. We offer a neighborhood environment where you can grow in self-discipline, organizational skills, effective study habits and independent living. The neighborhood atmosphere also provides the opportunity to develop study partners, support systems and lasting friendships with a diverse group of neighbors. You go to your professors or academic advisors for questions about classes, grades and registration, but where do you go for everything else that goes along with the college experience?

Explore some of the things that make Fontbonne University culture an enriching environment:



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Fontbonne University has all of the necessary resources to suit your individual needs and inquiries.

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Fontbonne University, a Catholic coeducational institution of higher learning sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, is rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition. The university is dedicated to the discovery, understanding, preservation and dissemination of truth. Undergraduate and graduate programs are offered in an atmosphere characterized by a commitment to open communication, personal concern and diversity. Fontbonne University seeks to educate students to think critically, to act ethically and to assume responsibility as citizens and leaders.


Fontbonne University aspires to be a preferred destination, committed to providing a holistic learning experience rooted in excellence, for those seeking to be educated as leaders to serve a world in need and for those dedicated to educating them.

We will:

·         Be known for a synthesis of liberal and professional education that promotes life-long learning and that enables students to see themselves as part of a diverse and changing world.

·         Work together to develop academic programs and educational opportunities that reflect high standards, interdisciplinary thought and integrated understanding.

·         Continue to promote thoughtful experiential and service learning, bridging the gap between theory and practice by taking the student beyond the university walls.

·         Build or strengthen alliances with individuals and organizations that are bringing about positive changes in the global community.

·         Graduate students who will be distinguished by their appreciation of learning and the arts, their social conscience, and their ability to reflect, communicate and act.


Fontbonne University honors the values and heritage of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet by fostering excellence, integrity, respect, diversity, community, justice, service, faith and Catholic identity.


Fontbonne University is committed to:

1.      Achieving academic and educational excellence

2.      Advancing historical remembrance, critical reflection and moral resolve

3.      Promoting dialogue among diverse communities

4.      Demonstrating care and respect for each member of the community

5.      Serving the larger community

6.      Preparing individuals to be an ethical and responsible presence to the world.

Statement of Catholic Identity

Fontbonne affirms its identity as a Catholic university. Sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, it is founded on the beliefs that all creation reveals God, that the ministry of Jesus began a process of redemption that extends to this day, and that the Holy Spirit continues to impart grace through the daily experiences of women and men. Among the many signs of God’s grace are teaching and learning, which at Fontbonne are pursued by people sharing a variety of religious beliefs and an understanding of the importance of education.

“Catholic” means “universal” and “throughout the whole,” like leaven permeating bread. The permeating quality of Fontbonne is our commitment to know, to love, and to serve the truth that unites faith and reason, nature and grace, the human and the divine. The desire for a greater understanding of creation and its Creator is one of the most profound expressions of human dignity. In this sense, to learn is to augment one’s capacity for love so that the thoughtful and loving acts of an educated person are a witness to the transformation of the world that began with the Resurrection and continues with the enlivening of humanity. What makes us truly human helps to unite us with the divine as we seek to understand, love, and serve God and neighbor without distinction.

The permeating and universal nature of Catholicism gives rise to the mission and vision of this university. Because Fontbonne is Catholic, we embrace openness and inclusiveness. Because Fontbonne is Catholic, we pursue educational excellence. And because Fontbonne is Catholic, we seek to recognize the presence of God in all creation and to participate in the continuing transformation of ourselves and a world in need.


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